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The "Fernery" in the Purple Orchid

A Fernery is a name for a collection of ferns. This occurred during the Victorian "Fern Frenzy" between 1841 and 1891. A tremendous Victorian craze, pteridomania (pterido being Latin for ferns) was the huge love affair for ferns. The Victorian era was the heyday for the amateur naturalist. However, ferns were not just the obsession of a few professional botanists, nor even of amateur gardeners. If you decorated and furnished your house, went to the theatre, strolled in gardens, visited exhibitions, played music, etc., you encountered ferns and ferneries. So as a nod to history, we have a wonderful collection of tropical ferns. They add such texture and movement to any houseplant display! Visit us to see why I myself have an obsession with this ancient plant Wendy

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