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Brrr, Orchids Do Not Appreciate Having Their Roots Frozen!

Some orchid owners avoid over-watering by putting an ice cube in the pot at the base of the plant. As the ice slowly melts, it releases water for the plant’s roots to absorb. But experts warn against this practice. For one thing, orchids are tropical plants that love warmth—and ice cubes are cold.

Here’s what the Oregon Orchid Society says on the subject: ” The ice cube idea is to provide minimal water to the orchid by using a quick and easy method. The problem is, even though this might mimic the amount of water that the orchid had in their upbringing, misted hourly in mass greenhouses, over time the plant will die from being mistreated with poor watering practices. If you want to keep your orchid alive for years, the solution is regular watering with room-temperature water.

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